The Cost Implications Of The Changes In Building Regulations

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The Government’s new changes to Building Regulations will come into force on 15th June 2022, although a transition period will be in place until 15th June 2023 to enable plans already submitted and approved to continue with the existing regulations.

However, all new planning submissions will be subject to the new regulations and this will impact further on the already spiralling costs of building work.

Developers estimate the new regulations will cost the industry more than £10 billion over the next 70 years.

The higher cost of the new greener technologies required will impact upon the overall cost of the build. Increased insulation, ventilation, thermal heat pumps, reduced glazing and electric charging points will all add to the budget.

Carbon emissions targets will be more stringent, meaning that thermal elements such as walls, floors, and roofs will require more insulation and many more renewable technologies such as Solar Panels will be required.

Better insulation equates to larger cavities and, therefore, increased amounts of installation which will add to the costs. Combine this with the need to build slightly bigger in order to keep the same internal footprint and all material costs will increase.

The industry in principle is in favour of the move towards more sustainable, carbon-neutral, energy-efficient buildings, but getting the big developers to change their long-held attitude to finding the cheapest building solutions may prove a challenge.

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