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Key differences in building with a timber frame or a traditional brick and block:


Timber Frame 

Speed of Construction: A prefabricated timber frame can be erected faster than a traditional build.

Costs: The cost may be higher, however, the speed of the build may off set this extra cost.

Quality: The offsite fabrication ensures greater accuracy and precision of build.

Energy Efficiency: More energy efficient and the build quality will enable air-tight buildings with low carbon emissions and significantly reduced energy costs.

Acoustics: Timber frame structures may not achieve the same acoustic ratings as a traditional build.

Lifespan: Often thought to be more prone to rot and fire risk and therefore have a shorter lifespan. However, if timber is correctly treated this is not the case.



Brick and Block 

Speed of Construction: More time and labour intensive as work carried out on site by builders and weather can be a delay factor.

Costs: Despite additional time, the costs may be similar in terms of materials and labour.

Quality: If plans are poor, there can be discrepancies with plans and difficulties when fitting windows, stairs etc if the walls are not plumb. Differentials of up to 10mm have been known!  Ensure good contractors and architects are used.

Energy Efficiency: Traditional brick & block requires high levels of insulation for energy efficiency; however, masonry is better for heat retention. Improvements are being made in energy-efficient construction methods for traditional brick and block.

Acoustics: Solid masonry walls and concrete floors will produce better acoustic results.

Lifespan: Traditional construction will last longer if built properly and in line with Building Regulations.



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