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Loft Conversions – A Popular Way To Create More Space


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Loft Conversion - Empty Loft Space - Granite Building Warranties


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Loft conversions are one of the most popular solutions to provide additional space, especially in urban areas where the cost of houses is high and more expensive.  The obvious answer is to go up into the loft, an already existing ‘dead’ space, and make better use of it. On the other hand, some people decide to build downwards, developing or creating a new basement space.


Loft conversions can be relatively inexpensive (in relation to moving) and, unless the property is listed or within a conservation area, planning permission is rarely required as the loft can be developed under permitted development rights.


It has been estimated that an additional bedroom and bathroom can add up to 10 – 20% in value to an average sized family home and this can be achievable within the loft space.


Considerations for carrying out a Loft Conversion - a diagram of a loft conversion - Granite Building Warranties
Things to consider when undertaking a loft conversion:
    • Planning Permission
    • Building Regulations
    • Existing roof structure
    • Accessibility of a staircase
    • Head height available
    • Obstacles such as water tanks or chimneys
    • Heat, ventilation and light in the new rooms
    • Reinforcing the floor / joists
    • Insulation
    • Fire
    • Safety Measures to comply with building regulations
    • Neighbouring property


You need to check if you require planning permission, and if dormer windows are required then you will definitely need planning permission.  However, these will improve the space and head height and will make the space more usable.  If the dormers do not extend beyond the roof line or height they may still fall within permitted development rights, but it would be wise to get a professional specialist company or an architect in who will be able to advise on this when planning the build.


If your home is semi-detached or terraced then you will need to notify your neighbours and to consider the need for a Party Wall Agreement (see previous blog The Party Wall Act – January 2020).


As with any new build, loft conversions require Building Regulations, involving plan checks and regular building inspections.  A 10 year warranty certificate once the building has been signed off is also essential.  Without a warranty you may not be able to sell the house on if a habitable loft conversion has taken place.


Granite Building Warranties are Specialists within the Warranty Market, dealing with these types of policies on a regular basis, and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.


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